Seashell in the Pocket

Sea Shell by deskSometimes it seems that my dreams are never going to happen. The daily grind comes early and continues until my energy is sapped. I drop into bed in my flannel pajamas, knowing that tomorrow is another day full of challenges. I pray for a good night’s rest.

Before long it is morning again. My prayer for sleep gets answered! Hallelujah!

Could this be the day that the desires of my heart are met? I believe it is.  For reassurance,  I keep a sea shell beside my desk. Every time I see it, it reminds me that the tide of change approaches. Sometimes, my husband carries a tiny shell in his pant’s pocket when he has a big meeting with someone. It reminds him that something said or resolved in that meeting may bring him one….. or many steps closer to fulfilling his dreams. And it always does.

YES INDEED! Dreams DO come true! Divine appointments are real.

God’s pleasure is to fulfill the desires of the heart.  He is the one who placed them there and keeps them ablaze, even during bizarre times.Rick 2-17 056

So until they come to fruition, continue to flourish, no matter how cold or weary your winter may seem.

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