Staying on Your Path

St Augustine 323So many times in  life we are sailing along feeling in complete control. Everything is going great. Then………. something happens. We get off course and can’t seem to get back on the path. Work pulls at us, our daily routine gets disrupted, or we get mentally and/or spiritually worn out.

Yes, we all get off the path because life has so many twists and turns. Finally, we know we must get back on the straight and narrow. The world and our own flesh wants to defeat us, but that innermost Spirit wants victory. We must regroup and focus on becoming what we know we can be.

We must resolve and make up our minds what we are going to do……… and DO IT!

NOT… I’ll try. But… I will!!

And you will probably be going against the tide.

Have you ever noticed when you make up your mind to do something… YOU do it!!!

But if you halfway resolve… it somehow doesn’t get done.

Do you remember in Daniel 1:8 when Daniel purposed in his heart not to eat from the king’s table? When almost everyone else ate from the table, he didn’t. When we purpose in our minds and hearts, make up our minds, determine, resolve, commit, or whatever you want to call it, it is then that we can master our circumstances.

What do you need to resolve to do today???

What just spoke to you deep inside… then that is probably what you need to purpose in your heart.

The flesh is weak! But deep within is the power of God to keep you on your unique path to noble accomplishments.Woo Hoo

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