Just when I need you, poof, there you are

Man on beachMy knowledge and skill set is limited. There is so much to learn.

I couldn’t possibly know how to do everything I need to do.

However, I have found that mysteriously, the right person with the right expertise shows up in my life exactly when I need them.

When I need a hand, someone seems to always appear.

It is very uncanny. Even eerie at times.

Like when I needed to do bookkeeping and one of my 4 co-workers gleefully showed  me Excell.

God knows when I need assistance. He knows who needs to just show up….the perfect person; The knight in shining armor.

Even if I feel there is a delay in my rescue, God’s timing is much more accurate than mine.

I m so glad I’m not on my own in this world. It is full of talented and terrific people….. and you are one of them.

I am so very thankful. We are made to help one another soar.

A worthy calling for us all.

The Invitation

We, yes we, are an invitation to the world

to show true love.

Today, we have an opportunity

to make someone’s day.

to have the pleasure to learn from others

and sing songs of thankfulness.

We will not fall short of the beauty we possess.

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