Something Bigger Than Me

St Augustine 014Recently we rented a house smack dab on the beach in Palm Coast, Florida for a whole week. Every morning my mom and I got up about 6AM, put on a pot of coffee, and watched the mesmerizing sun rise. Every day, we gawked at every cloud-roll, every breaking wave, every glitter of the sun, every shark fin that emerged, and every other transformation of daybreak. What an invigorating experience!Sun Rise

Why is that when we stop what we are doing to admire nature, whether it is a sunrise, a glimpse of a wild turkey, deer or dolphin…that we feel the presence of God?

I believe that marveling in nature takes us beyond ourselves. It takes us outside of our daily thought patterns. Nature is much greater and grander than anything we could fathom or make ourselves. It provides everything we need to exist; water, sun, air, soil, life. We are dependent upon it. It makes us realize our lives are but a vapor.

Nature makes us feel the presence of God. It lets us know our place in the world.

Coming back from the beach was a little sad, since I would miss those awe-inspiring sunrises and get back to the daily hustle.

But stepping outside my back door to the back yard, I realized the sun rises over my house every day, too! It’s up to me to stop, marvel in the glow, and feel that awesome presence once again.Back Yard Sunrise

Why do you think nature causes us to feel the splendor of God?

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