Too Jazzed!

Herbal TeaI can find something to get passionate about in just about every situation. I thrive on my own energy, plus all those green smoothies don’t hurt either.
When I am quiet, people wonder if something is wrong. My nature is wide open adrenaline, always thinking, imagining, and creating.
If I attend or give a class in the evening, I have noticed my mind gets very active, either listening to or giving an invigorating presentation. When I get home on those evenings, sometimes my mind wants to stay keyed up. When this happens, I enjoy a large cup of Valerian Root Tea by Alvita. Valerian Root TeaIt is a very calming herb for me and helps me get to sleep. For this reason, I only drink it at night before bedtime.
I wish I could always control my emotions, but life is stressful and my biological rhythm gets out of sync when I go at an accelerated pace. I am trying to learn to slow it down.
However, I live in the real world and stay clear of prescription meds if at all possible. For that reason, I personally appreciate the powerful effects of select herbal teas when life gets intense.
Do you have a favorite herbal tea?

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