Speedy Treat

Quick TreatWhen flying around with no time to prepare anything for dessert, look no further than the freezer. If you keep frozen bananas in a plastic bag, you have a ready-made creamyFrozen Bananas sweet treat.
Lay a frozen banana or two on a cutting board, cut into chunks, and wait about 5 minutes. That’s it.
Some freezers are colder than others, so thawing times vary.
DSCN2005Bananas are sweeter when they get black speckles on the peeling. So before freezing, make sure they are nice and ripe. Of course, don’t let them get so many black spots they taste overripe. Peel before freezing.
By eating healthy foods instead of junk, we are doing our part to keep ourselves free of sickness by supplying wholesome nutrition.
When we are sick or feel bad, there can be a tendency to obsess over ourselves and how we can get better. When we are well, we are not distracted by poor health.

Speedy treats keep my day simple and healthy. Frozen pineapple works well, too.

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