Staying Connected

VineSome days, I am flourishing. Life is very good.

Others days, I feel like a dried up leaf, turning brown, separated from the vine, blown by the wind. These days are miserable.

John 15:5 says “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” NLV

When I don’t FEEL nourished and don’t sense any fruit bearing, I choose to believe that I am still connected to the vine. A vineyard must go through icy winters and wait for the summer sun. In the winter, the vine may look like it is doing nothing, but it is still alive and getting ready to give the branches exactly what they need to produce large sweet clusters of fruit.

Apart from the vine, I simply can’t make it on my own.withered leaves

So when I am in the wilderness and the enemy is trying to sift me like wheat, preying on my thoughts and mind, I must bless the Lord, anyway… even when I feel withered and brittle.

Just the other day, I said a prayer of desperation. Within minutes, the phone rang and God had fulfilled my prayer request. It almost frightened me to witness the turn of events from the time the prayer left my lips to fruition. God proved to me He IS listening and providing, just in the nick of time.

Here is an affirmation I speak when times are tough.

Supernatural Coppertone
I’m feeling a little frightened to face the world today;
and a little tired.
But my comfort is from the one
who blesses the distressed.
Who guards in times of turmoil.
Even when I am tired, worn down
and walking through a fire,
no fire consumes me.
The Son of God shields me from the flames,
until I glow,
with a suntan of deliverance.

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  1. excellent post! Love your prayer.

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