Fresh Water, New Life

WV Australia Resource Gathering Trip - Tien Phuoc ADP: Day in the Life - TranDid you know?: “No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water and sanitation. It is foundational to all aspects of development and often the first work World Vision does in a community.”
Unfortunately, there are people in the world who do not have clean water.

Clean water helps save children the suffering caused by parasites, worms, dysentery, and diarrhea. When clean water is available, children are able to attend school because they will no longer have to spend their days sick in bed or walking long distances to collect water. Adults have more time to work, and children have more energy to spend focusing on school.

Will you help me change an entire community BY PROVIDING A DEEP WELL WITH A RELIABLE COVER AND PUMP? Deep WellI can’t go another day drinking water and taking showers and baths while children are dying from a lack of something they absolutely can’t live without.
70 to 80% of our bodies are made of water. Plants and livestock can’t flourish without clean water. PEOPLE CANNOT FLOURISH WITHOUT WATER.

Some people have NEVER seen running water other than in nature. With your donation, they can.
Would you please click HERE for my personal page at WorldVision to help me reach our goal of a Deep Well? Your donation is tax deductible.
Safe WaterThanks for helping me reach this goal! You rock!!

P. S. If you have time, here is a video about Sabina. She spends 6 hours a day simply going back and forth to the river. She carries 75 pounds of water on her back.

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  1. Beverly Price · · Reply

    God Bless your thoughts and effort. I look forward to the journey!

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