I’m Getting Richer

DSCN2807My mom and I used to have a hoot haunting through antique stores, trying to find treasures. On our excursions, I always had to buy something. After all, coming home empty handed would mean our quest was a bust. Right?

Mom and I weren’t big spenders. I sort of set a price limit that I would allow myself to spend. Maybe $35.00. or so. I felt like a day’s worth of entertainment was worth that.

We termed our purchases “junké”; a cut above junk.

When reading what Jesus taught about treasures, He said,“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal,” Matthew 6:19 NLT

My junké doesn’t rust, but it does collect a lot of dust.

I saw a picture of a child recently who was obviously starving. Just think what $35.00 worth of food could do for this child. For several days after seeing the picture, I felt like a bad person. I could have definitely used my funds in far wiser ways in my past.

We are most like God when we generously give to and serve others. That’s what storing up treasures in heaven is all about. Helping others rather than myself is a mindset I still wrestle with.

A bunch of my earthly treasures were recently taken to a consignment store to go toward my Deep Well Project. Good bye sweet beauties. When Jesus said “DO NOT STORE UP”,… that means you dust collectors got to go.Deep Well

What about you? Where are your treasures? Do you have a bunch of “junké” that could be sold and the funds used for worthy causes that have been eating at your heart?

The secret to a richer life is accumulating our treasures wisely. Where are yours?


  1. Oh, Melody, you have this right!!! Thank you for sharing. Ann

  2. Ann, Thank you for commenting and supporting. Thank you so much for my birthday card. Every time I turn around, you are supporting me. You have a real treasure –trove going.

  3. Debbie Thompson · · Reply

    Thanks for this Melody. The Lord deals with me about this to.

  4. Me too, it’s hard to let go and find the balance. I love to receive.

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