How to Create Happiness

Not too long ago, DSCN2852I noticed a very thirsty world. Since then, my focus is less on myself. And that’s a very good thing.

When I learned that 1600 children die daily from waterborne diseases, my daily routine of coffee, smoothies, showers, and trips to the toilet were no longer taken for granted. Just because my life had been supplied by all the water I needed, didn’t make everything OK anymore.

Since that time, so many people have caught the vision along with me to help provide a Deep Well to a community in a part of the world that has no clean water.

This week, at vacation bible school, the smallest of children realized that there is something bad wrong when other children have to drink contaminated water. I will never forget the look of horror when a little girl looked at an Ethiopian waterhole picture and pointed out to all the other kids the cow urinating in the same water………Water hole

This Saturday is our Well Walk 2014″ at the Kings Mountain Track, beside the YMCA in Kings Mountain, NC. We’re still raising funds for a Deep Well.

Sometimes, with everything that’s happening around the world, it’s hard to know what to do to make a real difference. We know that a deep well can sustain a community of 300 people! It definitively makes a huge difference and reduces poverty because children can go to school and women can start businesses when they don’t have to walk hours every day looking for water.

We still your help! You can help us by donating on our webpage on the World Vision website here.

Thus far, we have raised $7718.97. toward our goal of $15,000.

Giving Water Gives Hope! Your generosity makes for a much happier world for you and countless others as well! Thanks to all who help us reach our goal!!!Deep Well

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  1. Cindi Wood · · Reply

    Ok great thanks! Will chk with the Debs! 😊

    Cindi Wood Ministries, LLC Kings Mountain, North Carolina


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