Happy Thoughts

St Augustine 103        The other day I decided to sit down and write some HAPPY THOUGHTS. Here are the first that came to mind.

         Fried Eggs


        Hot herbal tea

        The ocean and ocean breezes

Rocco, my dog, because she adores me

My Mom who is 90 years old

The sound of rain

Stained glass windows

Warm soft sweaters

My bed

Fresh clean sheetsSafe Water

Knowing how to make nut milk

A great haircut

Popcorn, my favorite is “Skinny Pop”

My trip to Florida

The Deep Well Project (We reached our goal of $15,000 this week…Woo Hoo)

Helping my sponsored children

The Oakridge Boys in concertDSCN0355




My food processor

Heat in the winter

Beautiful sunrises

Running water, especially a hot bath

A fine point uniball writing pen

The church I attend

Grass fed beef

My carob cakehome page Image

Good books

Marie Forleo

my nephews

That my husband got a tweet from Arnold Palmer

That I am still breathing

That I get so excited I feel like I am flying

That I can read

That I have multiple bibles

That I honor every living thing, including spiders

That my husband mows the grass

That I have lived such an adventurous life


Sometimes life can be ominous. That’s why it’s good to stop and think happy thoughts. What are a few of yours?

St Augustine 059

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