The Two Happiest Moments

RamsesThere are two distinct happiest moments of my life. The first happiest moment was when I made JV cheerleading at UNC-Chapel Hill. (GO HEELS!) I was SO ELATED; I didn’t know how to express it. I wanted to cry, shout for joy, dance, fall down, jump up and down, run tell someone and laugh all at the same time.

So I just fell over in fetal position. I was 18 years old.

Then, 36 years later, that exact same emotion swept over me, again. It was June 30 2014, 2 days after, “Well Walk 2014”. When husbandman and I tallied up all the donations toward the deep well, it was OVER $11,000. The goal was $15,000. However, I knew at that point, that the vision was IN the hearts of friends…. and especially our church family.***  I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for our “Deep Well Project” and felt overwhelmed with passion.

 Back in fetal position I went! I felt so alive!

Donations kept coming until it got down to about the final $1800. I tried to book 2 different people for a concert to raise funds. They both fell through.

IMG_0294Then finally, the remaining $1800. came through a campaign put together by Doug Bridges at Upward soccer games. Each of the 23 teams was asked to raise $75. If a team raised the $75.,they got to pie their coach in the face. That was a hilarious way to close out the $15,000. One coach said he smelled chocolate whip cream up his nose for days afterwards.

Here is the YOU TUBE video of “Well Walk 2014”. Thanks immeasurably to ALL who gave.***(Thanks to the inspiration of Jennifer Ferreira, a teenager at our church, who had been to Malawi and seen the need for clean water first hand.) 


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  1. Beverly Price · · Reply

    let us look forward to more beyond happy moments that will be less than 18 years away.

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