Generosity smells like

black and whitePOVERTY is the color of dirt after an oil spill

It tastes like a copper penny

It sounds like a caught dog howling

It feels like a broken arm in a cast wanting out

And it smells like dead fish at a market*


GENEROSITY is the color of white light

It taste like savory stew

It sounds like a crowd after a slam dunk or hole-in-one

It feels like cashmere

And it smells like crisp new 100 dollar bills with eucalyptus oil wafting in the background


GENEROSITY changes the color, taste, sound, feel and smell of the world.

s130030-1: No rattans, roots will do


*poverty poem written by middle school students

One comment

  1. Beverly Price · · Reply

    Amazing how this simple poem, fits, describes, sums up, your message.

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