Generosity smells like

POVERTY is the color of dirt after an oil spill It tastes like a copper penny It sounds like a caught dog howling It feels like a broken arm in a cast wanting out And it smells like dead fish at a market*   GENEROSITY is the color of white light It taste like savory […]

A Year of Happiness

I proclaim 2015 a year of happiness!  I WILL TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! Happiness breeds MORE happiness. NO! I am not going to go stick my head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine. People are still going to grind my gears! I still mourn poverty! but here’s what it takes…….. !!!P-A-S-S-I-O-N!!! If […]

Believing in The Divinity Within

An affirmation for YOU to believe about YOU, (insecurities, bad habits, baggie pants and all!) through the Holy Spirit. TODAY, EVERYTHING I do will be powerful and effective.  Amazing words will cascade from my mouth. Sparkling happy thoughts will stream from my mind. Extraordinary deeds will gush from my passionate heart. Mercy and kindness erupting […]

Fertilizing the Mind

Eph. 3:20 God has perfect plans for me. He has set the tide of success in motion to arrive at the appointed time, place, and season. My surfboard is ready, for my tide of change is going to be abundantly above and beyond my wildest imagination         by Melody Hord When God originally created mankind, He […]

Staying Connected

Some days, I am flourishing. Life is very good. Others days, I feel like a dried up leaf, turning brown, separated from the vine, blown by the wind. These days are miserable. John 15:5 says “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce […]

Staying on Your Path

So many times in  life we are sailing along feeling in complete control. Everything is going great. Then………. something happens. We get off course and can’t seem to get back on the path. Work pulls at us, our daily routine gets disrupted, or we get mentally and/or spiritually worn out. Yes, we all get off […]