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Juicing is Worth the Effort

For anyone fighting a chronic or aggressive health issue, one of the best ways to deluge the body with as many nutrients as possible is with freshly extracted vegetable juice. When juicing fresh produce, the pulp is removed, leaving a jar full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals ready to help prevent and fight disease. […]

A Birthday with a Twist

A few days ago, my friend had a birthday. I thought and thought about what I could get her. She loves iced lemon pound cake from Starbucks. If you like lemon and you like cake, you would adore it, too. So, I went to Starbucks and bought her some cake. I then wondered if I […]

Speedy Treat

When flying around with no time to prepare anything for dessert, look no further than the freezer. If you keep frozen bananas in a plastic bag, you have a ready-made creamy sweet treat. Lay a frozen banana or two on a cutting board, cut into chunks, and wait about 5 minutes. That’s it. Some freezers […]

Wanting Raw Cuisine

Beet Crunch. I used to get paid to create raw vegan recipes. Sometimes I set aside an entire day in the kitchen to simply let the creative juices flow. On those days, I needed someone with a discriminating palate to be my taste tester and give constructive feedback with each recipe I created. Luckily, the most […]

A Productive Smoothie

My favorite smoothie includes a small beet. If you want to feel totally cleansed inside, beet is the magic bullet.  Although I have been using ground flax seed as extra fiber, it pales in comparison with a beet. Furthermore, beets are so sweet, they add mounds of succulent sweetness in a natural way. Typical Beet […]