How to Create Happiness

Not too long ago, I noticed a very thirsty world. Since then, my focus is less on myself. And that’s a very good thing. When I learned that 1600 children die daily from waterborne diseases, my daily routine of coffee, smoothies, showers, and trips to the toilet were no longer taken for granted. Just because […]

Too Jazzed!

I can find something to get passionate about in just about every situation. I thrive on my own energy, plus all those green smoothies don’t hurt either. When I am quiet, people wonder if something is wrong. My nature is wide open adrenaline, always thinking, imagining, and creating. If I attend or give a class […]

Something Bigger Than Me

Recently we rented a house smack dab on the beach in Palm Coast, Florida for a whole week. Every morning my mom and I got up about 6AM, put on a pot of coffee, and watched the mesmerizing sun rise. Every day, we gawked at every cloud-roll, every breaking wave, every glitter of the sun, […]