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home page ImageOK, guys, I gotta spill it out. This story is the real deal, although most people don’t want to talk about it. Of course, that’s one reason the world is running around sick, nobody wants to spill the beans. So here I go….

Back track to age 30, 24 years ago. Massive vaginal yeast infection. Doctor gave me a prescription for a cream to be applied internally and told me I would probably need it once a month. He was right on the money.

After 12 years of getting a yeast infection once or twice a month, which is very painful and erodes all your femininity, it finally became so chronic it would not go away AT ALL. NO matter how many pills or toxic creams I crammed inside, I could find no relief, much less a cure.

Upon visiting a health food store, I leaned that yeast feed on sugar. I was so miserable; I was ready to try anything. I removed practically all sugar from my diet. (This was extremely difficult as I did not realize how addicted to sugar I was). I did eat just a tad of fruit. I do believe fruits are cleansing. I went pretty much gluten-free as well. Within just a few weeks, all symptoms TOTALLY DISAPPEARED!!!

I learned, first hand, that my physical body directly responds to what I put inside it. I could help control my body by what I consumed. This concept was profound to me. I was ecstatic and felt empowered by my natural healing processes.

I then went on a high protein diet, lots of meat and dairy. Symptoms remained in check.

Women's BathroomUnfortunately, in my early 40’s, I developed overactive bladder. I felt like I had to “go” constantly, sometimes running to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so. This dilemma was worse than the yeast infections. I lived in constant horror that I was going to wet my pants. I tried numerous meds on the market. They would work for a few weeks and then become ineffective. Drugs do not cure, they simply mask, at best!

I KNEW that I had marvelous innate self-healing. My past experience had proved that my physical body directly responded to what I put inside it. What was I doing wrong?

God led me to a vegan diet, eating over 50% raw. I also made freshly extracted vegetable juice daily. My first juices were carrot juice……loaded with sugar. Oh crud! All the sugar in the carrot juice caused the yeast to return and have a party.Plants

What was I going to do now? I changed the fresh juice ingredients to primarily GREEN veggies; celery, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, kale, collards, spinach, and the like. That was the bomb!

Within about a month, I felt totally healed from everything! My yeast infections have NEVER returned. I can go hours without having to even think about finding a bathroom. The fresh juice and all the fresh vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts and legumes, packed with fiber and phytochemicals have done their part to clean me up. WOOOO HOOOOOO! (Now that I have cleaned out my gut, I can partake of sugar again, not the refined kind, but honey, raisins and sensible natural foods.) (I juiced every morning for practically 2 years.)

I got my life back, simply by putting in an abundant amount of fresh plants, foods as close to natural as possible.

I stayed pretty much vegan for 7 years but starting feeling unsatisfied. I have since added animal products, as long as they are organic or wild. Since my body has cleansed and I eat so much fiber, I feel that my conscious animal consumption is fine and it gives me natural B12. Vegans must supplement with B12.

My diet is clear of chemicals, if I don’t recognize an item as real food on a label, I will not consume it.

When I give my body the best that God provides, it does what it is designed to do, heal itself or find a way to compensate for the damage that has incurred in the past.

To feel radically vibrant, start healing from the inside out. It may not happen overnight, but it may happen sooner than you think.

Great health starts with your diet.

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